About Us

Make-A-Bridge® is the patented modular bridge system designed by the MAADI Group engineering firm in Montreal, Canada.  The MAADI Group (Most Advanced Aluminum Design & Inspection Group) is dedicated to creating sustainable infrastructure with aluminum through innovative design, quality and fabrication.  Make-A-Bridge® is supported by Quebec’s Center for Research and Development of Aluminum (CQRDA) and ALCOA Canada. 

Since 2003, the MAADI Group has engineered optimal functionality into integrated pedestrian bridge structures to meet a variety of needs in the sustainable development, construction and manufacturing industries.  Our vast technical knowledge and experience enables us to design complex, thin-walled cross-sectional shapes using extruded aluminum to reduce weight, simplify transport and lower cost without sacrificing strength and durability.  We offer the highest engineering and design standards for our Make-A-Bridge® product, meeting all local building and bridge codes.