MAADI Group inc. presented his Make-A-Bridge® to the Internationnal Aluminum Conference

The largest international conference on aluminum was held in Naples, Italy, on 21, 22 and 23 September, 2016. Alex de la Chevrotière, P. Eng. , president of MAADI Group Inc., was participating. He demonstrated that aluminum has not only a place in the aerospace and shipbuilding industry but in the construction of land infrastructures as well. Indeed, his company MAADI Group inc. patented Make-A-Bridge® a bridge that is strong, safe, three times lighter than a similar steel bridge, aesthetically pleasant and durable. The fact that it requires little maintenance make the aluminium bridge competitive pricewise to a steel structure. Mr. de la Chevrotière titled his presentation  Rapid Deployment Aluminium Bridge.  MAADI Group Inc. designs, manufactures and installs aluminum bridges for over ten years thus putting into practice the theory on the advantageous physical properties of this metal. One can access the website of the conference at and the Internet MAADI Group Inc. site at

One can also view the mounting of a gateway at at the company's plant in Boucherville, Quebec, CANADA. The MAAKE-A-BRIDGE® gateways have been installed not only in Canada but also in several countries worldwide.