August 28, 2015 - Boucherville, Québec , CANADA - The official opening of the offices and workshop MAADI Group has not gone unnoticed in the region. Indeed, the engineering firm that specializes in the manufacture of traditional structures , including its flagship product – the innovative Make-A- Bridge® pedestrian bridge - has been the subject of an article in the online journal La Seigneurie on August 26.

The article was published after the inauguration on July 17 of the MAADI Group facilities in Boucherville, which came together in a relaxed atmosphere, attended by supporters from political circles and the business sector, clients and partners, and friends of the firm.  The article of this regional publication was dedicated exclusively to the Make-A- Bridge® pedestrian bridges.

The modular aluminum pedestrian bridge system Make-A-Bridge®, is a weld-free Meccano-style footbridge system that is easy to transport and assemble, and is designed to be installed quickly without specialized labor in industrial plants, and in commercial or residential construction or renovation projects.  Robust, they do not corrode and are suitable for all types of weather conditions, namely in salty marine environments where strong winds blow, and in regions where temperatures can be freezing for long periods, such as in northern Québec and Nunavut.

"The fact that a local newspaper has decided to devote an article is suggestive of the scope of our reach," says Alexander of Chevrotière, engineer and president of the firm. "Although we have developed business in every corner of the planet," he added in a reference to contracts won in the Philippines, the United States, the Caribbean and in the west of the country, "we have close links with the Montréal area and throughout the province. We are flattered that La Seigneurie decided to inform the people of Boucherville of our existence, and to describe so well the cornerstone of our technical research, our award-winning modular aluminum Make-A-Bridge®.  We believe that we are only in our first steps, even if we already have known success.  With all the major infrastructure projects discussed in recent years, aluminum will probably soon be seen as a must, especially because of the long-term economic benefits that its use entails. In short, we are ready to move into high gear now that we make our way without pedestrian bridges here in Boucherville."

You can view the article in La Seigneurie on the newspaper's website:  For more information about aluminum structural design and MAADI Group, visit: and