August 25, 2015 -- Boucherville, Québec, CANADA - The engineering firm MAADI Group, Inc., of Boucherville, Québec, specializing in the manufacture of the innovative Make-A-Bridge® aluminum footbridge, is highlighted in an August 2015 article in the Montréal weekly Les Affaires.  The article appeared after the MAADI Group Grand Opening held on July 17, an event that brought together stakeholders in the politicial environment and the business sector, as well as customers and partners.

Les Affaires magazine addresses in this issue innovation and small business, especially the pedestrian bridge system called Make-A-Bridge that MAADI Group has developed and now manufactures.  The recipient of numerous awards and honors, the Make-A-Bridge® modular design is easy to transport, assemble and install.  The structure, featuring weld-free interlocking components, can be used as temporary or permanent pedestrian bridges for commercial, industrial, institutional, military, and marine applications, indoors as well as outdoors.

The dossier mentions among other things the first steps of the firm in the Québec market, which had turned more to steel when it comes to infrastructure, and stresses the fact that MAADI Group, in its design and construction activities, had to finance scientific and technical research that led to the creation of the Make-A-Bridge® pedestrian bridges, because it is difficult to get financing for projects using aluminum as raw material.  It is thanks to a team of experienced specialists that MAADI Group managed to pull out of the game and find its niche in the international pedestrian bridges sector.

"We are delighted that the prestigious newspaper Les Affaires has decided to publish an article on our Make-A-Bridge® footbridges and MAADI Group in general," said Alexandre de la Chevrotière, founder and president of the firm, "This renowned publication needs no introduction and is known for the seriousness of their approach, which is why we are honored to have caught their attention.  We are doing everything in our power to provide pedestrian walkways and high quality engineering products, and achieve visibility that enables us to highlight our expertise."

You can read the full article devoted to Small Business and MAADI Group in the Auagust 22 issue of Les Affaires, or on the newspaper's website, in the Folders section, under "Small business, big challenges."  For more information about MAADI Group and the Make-A-Bridge® aluminum pedestrian bridge design, visit: and