MAADI Group Announces Make-A-Bridge® Partnership with Alcoa Innovation

July 15, 2008

MONTREAL, CANADA – The MAADI Group, Montreal, Canada, an engineering firm specializing in aluminum bridges and marine applications, announces its partnership with Alcoa Innovation, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, to manufacture its patent-pending Make-A-Bridge® aluminum modular bridge system.  Alcoa will work closely with MAADI Group to develop the extrusion dies, production process, and fabrications required to meet stringent building and bridge code specifications.


“The Make-A-Bridge® concept fits perfectly with the objective of Alcoa Innovation of supporting wealth creation in Quebec by promoting the multiple advantages of aluminum, such as its light weight and recyclability,” notes François Racine, Business Development Manager of Alcoa Canada Primary Products.


“Our recent partnership with Alcoa Innovation has become the final step in making our off-the-shelf bridge structures available to sustainable infrastructure markets.  The MAADI Group team is very excited to be associated with this worldwide aluminum leader, and we believe that this will generate a powerful tour de force, not only for final product development, but also for realizing the full potential of computerized manufacturing and commercialization for the Make-A-Bridge® product line,” says Alex de la Chevrotiere, PE, CEO of the MAADI Group.


The Quebec corridor, where Alcoa Innovation is working with MAADI Group, is known worldwide for technical expertise in the field of aluminum.  Alcoa’s activities in aluminum research, development, production, and processing are conducted to increase aluminum’s applications, and add to its sustainable development momentum.  Alain Boucher, Vice-President of Finance and Business Development for Alcoa Canada notes “We want Quebec enterprises in our industry to be better known throughout the world… by pooling our expertise and imagination, we will succeed in procuring a very brilliant future for Quebec.”


Make-A-Bridge® product development is supported by the Quebec Aluminum Research and Development Center (CQRDA), the National Research Council Canada (NRC), and ETS University, which will lend mechanical and environmental testing labs and production equipment development expertise to the partnership between Alcoa and MAADI Group. 


Alcoa Innovation is currently working with MAADI Group to develop the prototype, production process and equipment to manufacture the Make-A-Bridge® system for a variety of commercial, industrial, and outdoor infrastructure applications.  Alcoa Innovation is headed by Gilles Dufour, Director of Technology and Innovation at Alcoa Canada Primary Metals (ACPM).