Make-A-Bridge® Participates in Greenbuild Expo in Boston

November 20, 2008

MONTREAL, CANADA – The MAADI Group engineering firm, specializing in aluminum bridges and marine applications, is participating in Greenbuild Expo in Boston, displaying information and images of its Make-A-Bridge® pedestrian bridge/walkway product in Alcoa’s booth.  Alcoa Innovation Canada recently partnered with MAADI Group to develop manufacturing and production of the patent-pending bridge design, mainly comprised of interlocking extruded aluminum components using a Meccano-style concept.


MAADI Group president, Alex de la Chevrotiere, cites the product line’s sustainable applications and eco-friendly material, transport, and environmental compatibility as reasons why Make-A-Bridge® is included in Alcoa’s Greenbuild booth:  “We are thrilled to be able to introduce our award-winning infrastructure design to the green building community,” de la Chevrotiere states, “Alcoa Innovation is preparing to take Make-A-Bridge® into production for a great variety of sustainable indoor and outdoor walkway and skyway applications that are anticipated to be in demand as architects, developers and planners build infrastructure in urban, commercial and recreational settings.”


The Make-A-Bridge® modular structure system design and application images are featured in Alcoa’s booth, as well as sample fliers with product information printed on reused aluminum sheet recovered from aircraft interiors, in keeping with the reuse and recycling spirit of Greenbuild.  The MAADI Group plans to work closely with Alcoa Innovation, Canada, to bring the Make-A-Bridge® product to market.