Make-A-Bridge® is the patented, weld-free bridge design created by the MAADI Group in Montreal, Canada.  The MAADI Group, founded in 2003, is headed by Alexandre de la Chevrotière, P.E.  The MAADI Group has many years’ experience in mechanical and structural engineering, specializing in designing aluminum bridges and marine structures for the architectural and maritime industries, working with customers throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.


The MAADI Group has partnered with Alcoa Canada to manufacture its Make-A-Bridge® design for new and renovated infrastructure, construction and sustainable development projects.  Alex holds a Mechanical Engineering degree with emphasis on Naval Architecture, and began his career in 1991, working extensively with aluminum in the shipbuilding industry, retrofitting NATO destroyers.


The innovative Make-A-Bridge® design has won the Extrusion Technology Foundation’s 2008 Design Competition Award in the architectural category and the 2009 Regional Innovation Award for New Technology.