The MAADI Group is committed to maximizing the sustainable benefits of our Make-A-Bridge® product, and implementing these benefits for an improved environment in every community where Make-A-Bridge® is used.


Make-A-Bridge® incorporates sustainable design principles:  energy conservation; use of recyclable materials; greater functionality in environmentally responsible buildings; and creating durable structures with long life cycles that are cost-effective to build and use.  The Make-A-Bridge® system maximizes functionality while minimizing environmental impacts, as well as reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions by providing safe access for pedestrians and bicycle riders.


Reusable and recyclable aluminum has superior corrosion resistance and yields an almost infinite lifespan.  Choosing an aluminum Make-A-Bridge® system to replace or renovate existing infrastructure adds longevity to sustainable green development projects for decades to come.  Make-A-Bridge® modular bridge components are environmentally compatible with adjacent structures and with their natural surroundings.  Design flexibility and options allow you to create the quality bridge that best complements your sustainable building structure or infrastructure system.