Design Innovation

The Make-A-Bridge® modular system’s Meccano-style design approach optimizes bridge performance and aesthetics.  Our patented bridge system offers a unique design solution that is customized to your specifications and needs.  Design options offer versatility in a cost-effective and durable superstructure.


The Make-A-Bridge® sleek, modular design is visually appealing, integrating well with any architectural style.  Our 100% weld-free design is as strong as A36 steel, and may be used in temporary or permanent applications in indoor or outdoor venues.  Eliminating welds means each structure is completely free of thermally affected zones, which strengthens structural integrity.  The aluminum design is also highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion. 


Interlocking component design enables quick-ship bundles to be conveniently transported on standard-size trailers.  Make-A-Bridge® delivery is 8 to 12 times faster than conventional welded bridges, transporting bundles to remote or difficult-to-access locations.  On the job site, components are easily unloaded, assembled and installed with minimal labor and tools.  Modules are designed to assemble into load-bearing spans of up to 100 feet, via moment resisting joints using patented tripod nodes.